COMBO: OPS, Camera, Avatars & Death Counter Download

COMBO: OPS, Camera, Avatars & Death Counter Details

One Player Sleep, Spectator Mode, Player Heads & Death Counter Packs all in one bundle.

Updated for 1.18 NOW INCLUDES AVATARS!!! This bundle contains the following packs: + One Player Sleep + Spectator Mode [Camera] + Avatars & Player Heads + Death Counter This is the Experimental Version which requires the "Holiday Creator Features" experimental toggle to work.

COMBO: OPS, Camera, Avatars & Death Counter Readme

# Foxy's One Player Sleep + Camera Mode + Avatars Combo Pack # Created: 20/02/2022 [mm/dd/yyyy] # Version: 3.2 # Made for MC Bedrock Edition 1.17 # For more info visit Requires experimental features: - Holiday Creator Features # WHAT'S NEW # -------------- Fixed for MC Bedrock 1.18.10 Player Heads replaced with Avatars & Player Heads OPS Updated to version 3 - Prevents day counter being reset after sleeping. # WHAT IS INCLUDED? # --------------------- # Death Counter Scoreboard will show how many deaths each player has had on the pause screen. If you don't want a player / alt account to show in the list, tag them with "camera" # One Player Sleep This pack lets all players activate one player sleeping which means that on worlds with more than one player online, only one player needs to sleep to pass the night. To activate, just sleep in a bed. This works on single player worlds, realms and servers. # Camera Mode This pack gives trusted players the ability to turn into an invisible and invulnerable, flying camera account, just like spectator mode on the JAVA edition of Minecraft. Also includes camera movement a little like that of Replay Mod It does not let you fly through blocks. To fly, you must enable Education Edition Features on your world. Instructions here: ( # Avatars & Player Heads Players drop their heads when they die This pack is NOT Automatic. It is impossible to get the skin file information and player name information on Minecraft Bedrock Edition using Addons. So you will have to do a little bit of manual editing of the pack to make it work for you. Each time you update the pack with new textures or players, you will need to update the UUID numbers and the version number so that the other players download the correct pack when they join your game. For information on how to do that, check out my addon video here: I've included enough data in the pack for up to 10 unique players. If you need more, please follow my tutorial for how to add extra players to this pack. # See the individual readme files for each part of the pack. # The readme files are inside the behavior pack folder.