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Mobs drop their heads when killed by a player

WHAT'S NEW? Updated from 3.5.0

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# Foxy's Mob Heads # Created: 03/09/2020 [dd/mm/YYYY] # Version: 3.8.0 # Made for MC Bedrock Edition 1.16+ # For more info visit Almost every mob that does not drop it's head / skull in the vanilla game now has a chance to drop their head when killed by the player. This pack is in line with the chances / rates from the Vanilla Tweaks More Mob Heads pack for JAVA Edition. NOTES ===== Toast Bunny [Game code issues prevent this being possible] Coloured Sheep Heads - Any colour sheep will drop any colour head. [Game code issues] HOW TO USE ========== To get heads in survival, kill mobs. Increase your chance with looting enchantment. To use heads place with right click. Pickup with shift + right click (crouch and click). Left click to sit on the head. Shift or Jump to get off again. SPECIAL THANKS ============== Thanks to Gruva Guy for help with textures Thanks to Wizarduss for Wither Boss heads and for help with bug report CHANGES ======= None since 3.5.0