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Spawn Spheres, Chunk Borders, Distance Measure, Coordinates and more!

Give an armor stand any banner and then change the pose. Features: + Biome Detection + Spawn Spheres + Chunk Borders + Compass + Distance Measure + Day + Time of Day + FPS + Coordinates + Nether Coordinates + Spawner Ranges NOTE ==== This pack has issues rendering spawn spheres and chunk lines on iOS and Android. Use the alternate download link below for the Mobile version!

Markers Readme

# Foxy's Markers [Experimental] # Created: 01/02/2022 [dd/mm/YYYY] # Version: 2.0.0 # Made for MC Bedrock Edition 1.18+ # For more info visit Whats new in v2.0.0? ==================== - Mob Spawner Range - More Biomes detected Armor stands with banners will show a variety of useful info when posed. # REQUIRES EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES # The "Molang Features" experimental toggle must be active on the world, realm or server for this pack to function. Limitations:= ============= a. As this is a resource pack and can't access deeper data like an addon/behavior pack, there is limited information that this can access. - It cannot detect light levels or be adjusted for game difficulty / simulation distance. b. Entity Render Distance - On bedrock, entities cannot be seen beyond 70 blocks on most devices. - This means the despawn sphere is only just in view when you're outside it. - There are no options to increase this distance so there is no point in making larger despawn spheres as you won't be able to see them. c. FPS - The FPS meter is very fast and looks a little blurry - It's not possible to slow this down with just the resource pack sadly. d. Measure Distance - Again, due to entities not being visible passed 70 blocks, the measure will only work up to 70 blocks away from the armor stand. - If you need to measure longer distances than this, use multiple armor stands. e. Biome Detection - The code required to detect which biome the armor stand in is still locked behind Experimental mode. - This means you'll need the non-experimental version of the pack for realms / servers and non-experimental worlds. How to use:= ============ Give an armor stand any banner and then change the pose. Currently there are 13 available settings. This experimental version requires the Molang Features experimental toggle to be activated in your world settings. Features:= ========== Pose 0: Biomes [Experimental] - Shows which biome the armor stand is stood in - If the biome is not found it will show Overworld / Nether depending on the dimension. - All 83 current biomes (including mountain variants) are now included Pose 1: Spawn Spheres - 24 Block Radius (Green) & 54 Block Radius (Red) - 44 Radius is the despawn radius with a 4 chunk Simulation Distance Pose 2: Chunk Borders (1 chunk) - Chunk border is aligned to the chunk that the armor stand is inside of - Does not work if the armor stand is placed on a diagnal orientation Pose 3: Chunk Borders (3x3 chunks) - Same as above but shows a grid of 3 x 3 chunks around the armor stand Pose 4: Chunk Borders (5x5 chunks) - Same as above but shows a grid of 5 x 5 chunks around the armor stand Pose 5: Compass - No matter which way the armor stand is facing, the compass will always point north Pose 6: Measure Distance - Great for measuring straight lines, heights and making circles! - Shows the distance to the player (camera) - Using the third person camera will affect the distance as this measures the distance from the armor stand to the camera. - It will measure in all axis and directions Pose 7: Day - Shows the current in game day Pose 8: Time of Day - Shows the time of day (in ticks) from 0 - 24000 Pose 9: FPS - Shows your current Frames Per Second Pose 10: COORDS - Shows the coordinates of where the armor stand is placed - Limited to 99999 blocks in each direction Pose 11: NETHER COORDS - Shows the corresponding nether coordinates of where the armor stand is placed (Overworld X & Z divided by 8) - Limited to 99999 blocks in each direction - If using the experimental version of the pack the coords will be switched when inside the nether, so the Nether coords (Pose 11) will be correct and the Overworld Coords (Pose 10) will be multiplied by 8 - If not using experimental verison of the pack the nether coords (Pose 11) will be incorrect when used inside The Nether. Pose 12: Spawner Radius - Stand the armor stand on top of a monster spawner cage. - Shows two shapes. - A green rectangle around the spawner where mobs will spawn from - A red sphere around the spawner where the player must stand within to activate the spawner