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Mobs drop their heads when killed by a player

This pack will make mobs drop their heads when killed by the player. There is a random chance for each mob type to drop it's head when killed. The looting enchantment will improve the chances.

Mob Heads Readme

Villagers will drop heads every time, easily farmable and common mobs will have low drop rates. To place a head right click it on the ground or block. To pick up a head, shift (crouch) and right click it. To sit on a head, right click it. Known Issues: Wither Boss head is missing Only white sheep heads will be dropped by all colors of sheep Tropical Fish only have one variant Toast Bunny head is unobtainable Baby mobs with variants (mooshrooms, llamas, pandas etc) will now drop loot when killed by the player. Mob heads can be added to spawners to create mob head spawners, this is considered a bug and should not be used in survival gameplay. Known Bugs: Using a fishing rod on a mob head will cause it to fly upwards until it despawns at Y=255 The same happens with a slime block piston launcher. Putting lava and running water on a mob head will cause it to sink through the world until it despawns at Y=5