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Enable Spectator Mode for trusted Camera Accounts in Minecraft PE.

WHAT'S NEW IN V3 -------------------- - Includes One Player Sleep

Spectator Mode v3.0 + OPS Readme

# Foxy's Spectator Mode: PROTECTED MODE # Created: 06/12/2020 # Version: 3.0 # Made for MC Bedrock Edition 1.16.100+ [Works best with education edition enabled] # For more info visit http://foxynotail.com IMPORTANT: To use this pack you will need to have cheats enabled or operator privileges on your world, realm or server and the ability to run commands in game. ######################### NOTE: THIS PACK WORKS BEST WITH EDUCATION EDITION ENABLED - WITHOUT EDUCATION EDITION BEING ENABLED, YOUR CAMERA ACCOUNTS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FLY. ######################### # WHAT'S NEW IN V3 # -------------------- - Updated to work with MC 1.16.100 - Removed One Player Sleep as part of this pack -> Available as a separate download from foxynotail.com - Stopped Camera Accounts Receiving Fall Damage - Follow Player now stops when camera mode is deactivated (Iron Ingot) # WHAT IS INCLUDED? # --------------------- # Spectator Mode This pack gives trusted players the ability to turn into an invisible and invulnerable, flying camera account, just like spectator mode on the JAVA edition of Minecraft. It does not let you fly through blocks. To fly, you must enable Education Edition Features on your world. Instructions here: (https://youtu.be/Wu79wSllCkc) # Spectator Mode Features - On Single Player Worlds + Hold a Diamond and Sneak to activate camera mode (spectator mode) + Hold a Golden Carrot and Sneak to activate night vision camera mode - Same as camera mode but with night vision and conduit power + Hold an Iron Ingot whilst on the ground and sneak to deactivate camera mode + Drink a water bottle whilst in camera mode to follow look at the closest other player + Eat a chorus fruit whilst in camera mode to teleport to the closest player - On BDS Servers (And possibly realms) + Teleport and Follow Look functions do not work due to bugs with add-ons running on servers. # Adding this pack to your world. ---------------------------------- Download the pack from http://foxynotail.com # Single Player Worlds and Realms Use the in game settings to add the behaviour pack to your world. To get the pack into the game on windows 10, double click the .mcpack file you downloaded. It should install into Minecraft on it's own. For other platforms, if trying to open the .mcpack file doesn't work, copy the .mcpack file into the behaviour_packs folder of your Minecraft bedrock installation. # BDS Servers Follow the instructions in the launch video here: https://youtu.be/Wu79wSllCkc # Making the pack work ----------------------- One player sleep will work for all players. To enable camera mode, you need to give players the "trusted" tag. Use the command: /tag playername add trusted The player will need to be online to have the tag added. On servers you can run this command from the server console without having to be online, however the tagged player will need to be online. Once a player is "trusted" they can activate the camera functions as detailed above. # That's it! Don't forget to hit F1 to clear your HUD in game and remove any items from your hands so that you won't be seen by the other players! Happy recording :D I hope you managed ok. Any issues, then please contact me via my discord. Details can be found on http://foxynotail.com FAQ: Q) It doesn't work A) Watch this video (https://youtu.be/Wu79wSllCkc) and make sure you did everything listed above correctly. Q) It says I'm a camera but I can't fly A) Flying only works with education edition enabled. Make sure it is enabled. Q) How do keep achievements on this worlds A) It's very tricky but it can be done with world editing. Look for hasBeenLoadedInCreative Q) Do I have to enable education edition? A) Only if you want your camera accounts to be able to fly Q) Teleport and Follow aren't working A) These don't work on servers at the moment. I'm hoping a bug fix will be out soon from Mojang to fix that. Q) I can't use commands or go into creative on my world. A) Then this won't work. Q) The pack fails to install A) Remove any other previous packs and clear the cache. Mojang have details on how to do this.