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Your personal friend that becomes your free ALT Account.

Note: This pack has some bugs in 1.16.0 and above. Chuck will go AFK for you, load chunks and also sleep to skip through the nights if you ask him to. He will follow you, sit down, teleport to you and has a range of ticking area sizes he can activate meaning he can run your farms while you're busy doing other things! Warning: Creating lots of Chucks and setting them all as chunk loaders will cause lag! No command blocks or ticking areas required. Easy to install.

Chunk Loader & Auto Sleep Addon Readme

# Foxy's Chunk Loader # Created: 11/04/2020 # Version: 1.0 # Made for MC Bedrock Edition 1.14+ # For more info visit Ok, let's get into it... # WHAT IS INCLUDED? # --------------------- # A Friend / Pet Robot Chuck Loader can be "tamed" like a dog, by clicking on him with and emerald. He will also transform into an item if you click him with an emerald once he's your friend so you can pop him into your pocket when you're not using him. While he's your friend, he will follow you around while he's standing up. Like a wolf, if you get too far away, he will teleport over to you as well! If you sit him down (by clicking on him), he will stay where he is until you stand him up again. # Auto Sleeping Once he's your friend, if you click Chuck with a bed in your hand, he will tell you that he will sleep when it becomes night. He does not need a bed, and the night will pass quickly, just like if the player went to sleep. This will also clear bad weather too! If you don't want him to skip the nights or clear the weather, then click him again with the bed. He NEEDS to be standing for you to click him with the bed. # Chunk Loading Chunk Loader is also a walking, talking chunk loader! Basically a ticking area on legs! While chuck is standing (in follow mode), if you click him with a diamond he will toggle through three different ranges of chunk loading. The first range has a 2 chunk radius around chuck that will stay loaded when you're not in the area. The second has a 4 chunk radius and the third has a 6 chunk radius. ### BE CAREFUL: Using these functions can cause lag on worlds and particularly realms and servers with multiple players. Keep clicking chuck with the diamond till he's at the range you need and again. # How do I get chuck to spawn? The easiest way, if you have cheats enabled is to use the command: /function run Doing that will spawn Chuck right next to you. The way without cheats is to make a platform out of iron blocks above Y=250 in the world and stand in the middle. Chuck will spawn between 3 to 8 blocks away from you. I've done it like this to prevent unwanted Chuck's spawning around your world. # Adding this pack to your world. ---------------------------------- Download the pack from # Single Player Worlds and Realms Use the in game settings to add the pack to your world. To get the pack into the game on windows 10, double click the .mcaddon file you downloaded. It should install into Minecraft on it's own. For other platforms, if trying to open the .mcaddon file doesn't work, copy the .mcaddon file into the behaviour_packs folder of your Minecraft bedrock installation. # That's it! I hope you managed ok. Any issues, then please contact me via my discord. Details can be found on