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Players drop their heads when they die!

WARNING This pack is not automatic, you need to add your own textures and set the pack up to suit your world. I strongly suggest you watch the video for details and a full tutorial of how to setup and install the pack. Tutorial Video

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# Foxy's Player Heads # Created: 12/01/2021 [dd/mm/YYYY] # Version: 1.0.0 # Made for MC Bedrock Edition 1.16.201 # For more info visit # Associated Showcase & Tutorial Video: Players drop their heads when they die. WARNING / NOTE ============== This pack is NOT Automatic. It is impossible to get the skin file information and player name information on Minecraft Bedrock Edition using Addons. So you will have to do a little bit of manual editing of the pack to make it work for you. Each time you update the pack with new textures or players, you will need to update the UUID numbers and the version number so that the other players download the correct pack when they join your game. For information on how to do that, check out my addon video here: I've included enough data in the pack for up to 10 uniue players. If you need more, please follow my tutorial for how to add extra players to this pack. HOW TO USE ========== To get heads in survival, kill players. To use heads place with right click. Pickup with shift + right click (crouch and click). Left click to sit on the head. Shift or Jump to get off again. Use different colors of dye to rotate and position the heads. HOW TO MAKE PLAYER HEADS USING YOUR OWN SKINS AND GAMER TAGS ============================================================ VIEW MY TUTORIAL HERE: Step 1: Add your skin files --------------------------- [Video Tutorial section starts at 5mins 11seconds] In the player_heads_r/textures folder there are two folders. One is named items and one is named players. Replace the images inside the "players" folder with your minecraft skins. You must use 64 x 64 pixel PNG skin files. Step 2: Create the item images ------------------------------ [Video Tutorial section starts at 7mins 5seconds] Replace the images inside the "items" folder with a 16 x 16 pixel image of your players face. (You can make these images using photo editing apps). For both image folders, make sure you keep the file names the same. i.e. player1.png, player2.png etc. Step 3: Change the item texts ----------------------------- [Video Tutorial section starts at 9mins 2seconds] If you want the player heads to have the right names in game, you need to edit the language file "en_US.lang" found inside of the "player_heads_r/texts/" folder. Example: Step 4: Tag players with commands --------------------------------- [Video Tutorial section starts at 10mins 8seconds] In the game you will need to have access to commands to assign tags to each player. For each player tag them with the word "player" followed by a number... For the first player, tag them "player1" using the command: /tag gamertag add player1 For example, for me, the command would be... /tag foxynotail add player1 For the second player, tag them "player2". For example, if it was my friend Big Chicken, the command would be... /tag BigChickenXX add player2 For the third player, tag them "player3". For example, if it was another friend Mr Onion, the command would be... /tag "Mr Onion" add player3 Do this for all of your players. Step 5: Adding more than 10 player heads ---------------------------------------- [Video Tutorial section starts at 11mins 47seconds] If you need more than 10 players then you will need to add more textures and also more entity files inside the behavior pack and resource pack folders. View the tutorial on YouTube for how to do this as it's quite complicated. Step 6: Updating the Pack ------------------------- [Video Tutorial section starts at 17mins 36seconds] When new updates for Minecraft come out you will need to update this pack to the latest version. You can follow the video tutorial for information on how to do this.