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Adjust armor stands like on JAVA Edition!

WHAT'S NEW? Updated for MC 1.17 Get more details and instructions in the README.txt file inside the behavior pack folder of the download.

Armor Stands+ Readme

# Foxy's Armor Stands+ # Created: 03/06/2021 # Version: 2.3.0 # Made for MC Bedrock Edition 1.7 # For more info visit UPDATE V2.3 =========== Fixed for Minecraft 1.17 Known Issues 1. TP Issues Positioning the Armor Stands is glitchy due to how teleporting entities is handled in 1.16.100 and above. If the armor stand doesn't move when adjusted, re-log to see it has moved properly. HOW TO USE ========== This pack overwrites the default armor stand in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Please note that this pack WILL need updating for future Minecraft Bedrock Versions. Please download the updated version from when it is available. Shift (Crouch) and click with different dyes to change the look, position and rotation of the armor stand. VISUAL ====== Black Dye -> Toggle Geometry #: Size Baseplate Arms 1: Normal On Off 2: Normal On On 3: Normal Off On 4: Normal Off Off 5: Medium On On 6: Medium On On 7: Medium Off Off 8: Medium Off On 9: Small On On 10: Small On Off 11: Small Off On 12: Small Off On 13: Large On Off 14: Large On On 15: Large Off On 16: Large Off Off GRAVITY ======= Gray Dye -> Toggle Gravity VISIBILITY ========== White Dye -> Toggle Invisibility ROTATE Y ======== Blue Dye -> Clockwise Green Dye -> AntiClockwise ROTATE X&Z ============ Yellow Dye => Rotate by 15 degrees (X) Light Blue Dye => Rotate by 15 degrees (Y) POSITION ======== Orange Dye -> +X Brown Dye -> -X Pink Dye -> +Y Purple Dye -> -Y Lime Dye -> +Z Cyan Dye -> -Z SIT === Light Gray Dye -> Sits the armorstand down LOCK ==== Magenta Dye -> Toggle Locked / Unlocked Note: Locking does not prevent players from breaking the armor stands. It also does not turn gravity off. Use the Gray dye for that first.