One Player Sleep Add-on Version 2.3.0 Download

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One Player Sleep Add-on Version 2.3.0 Details

Enable one player sleeping on your world or server.

Updated for 1.17.10

Updated version waits 2 seconds when the player gets in a bed then sets the time to morning instantly. No more moving skies!
Weather is no longer set to clear for 5 days after sleeping. Weather will act like normal worlds.
This new version should be less intensive on servers / realms than the previous pack.

One Player Sleep Add-on Version 2.3.0 Readme

# Foxy's One Player Sleep Addon
# Created: 15/07/2021 [mm/dd/yyyy]
# Version: 2.3
# Made for MC Bedrock Edition 1.17.10
# For more info visit

# WHAT'S NEW IN v2.3#
Pack is updated to work consistently with MC 1.17.10

# WHAT'S NEW IN v2.2 #
Pack is updated to work consistently with MC 1.16.100


# One Player Sleep
This pack lets all players activate one player sleeping which means that on worlds with more than one player online, only one player needs to sleep to pass the night.
To activate, just sleep in a bed.
This works on single player worlds, realms and servers.

# Adding this pack to your world.
Download the pack from

# Single Player Worlds and Realms
Use the in game settings to add the behaviour pack to your world.
To get the pack into the game on windows 10, double click the .mcaddon file you downloaded. It should install into Minecraft on it's own.
For other platforms, if trying to open the .mcaddon file doesn't work, copy the .mcaddon file into the behaviour_packs folder of your Minecraft bedrock installation.

# BDS Servers
Follow the instructions in the launch video here:

2# Making the pack work
One player sleep will work for all players.

# That's it!

I hope you managed ok. Any issues, then please contact me via my discord. Details can be found on

Q) It doesn't work
A) Watch this video ( and make sure you did everything listed above correctly.

Q) The pack fails to install
A) Remove any other previous packs and clear the cache. Mojang have details on how to do this.