Resource Packs for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (MCPE)

What are Resource Packs?

Resource packs allow the player to change the look and feel of the game by changing textures, models, animations and much more. There are lots of different types of resource packs, from simple player skins, to block changes, to adding customised features and utilities into the game.

Foxy's Brightness Pack Pack Icon
Foxy's Brightness Pack

All of the textures in the game are subtly brighter and a little more vibrant.

[v 1.1.1 ]
Downloads: 8,118

Foxy's Resource Pack Pack Icon
Foxy's Resource Pack

Combined resource pack including some of the packs below that Foxy uses in his videos.

[v 4.2.0 ]
Downloads: 21,267

Markers Pack Icon

Spawn Spheres, Chunk Borders, Distance Measure, Coordinates and more!

[v 1.0.3 ]
Downloads: 42,951

Netherite Tools, Weapons & Armor Pack Icon
Netherite Tools, Weapons & Armor

Netherite Tools, Sword and Armor are now like diamond but slightly darker.

[v 1.0.0 ]
Downloads: 5,148

Better Leather Armor Pack Icon
Better Leather Armor

Removes brown stripes and patches from dyed leather armor.

[v 1.2.0 ]
Downloads: 5,583

Server List UI Pack Icon
Server List UI

Removes Featured Servers from Server Tab and restyles list for better viewing experience.

[v 1.4.0 ]
Downloads: 6,711

Smaller Shield Pack Icon
Smaller Shield

Shield is physically smaller in game and takes up less screen space when held.

[v 1.2.0 ]
Downloads: 17,909

No Vignette Pack Icon
No Vignette

Removes vignette effect when the player is a low Y levels in the overworld.

[v 4.0.0 ]
Downloads: 16,000

No Potion Particles Pack Icon
No Potion Particles

Removes potion / beacon particles. (Annoying Fart Bubbles)

[v 1.0.0 ]
Downloads: 12,712

Transparent Pumpkin Blur Pack Icon
Transparent Pumpkin Blur

Pumpkin Blur effect is almost fully transparent.

[v 1.0.0 ]
Downloads: 9,784

Better Rain Pack Icon
Better Rain

Falling rain particles are much smaller and less noticeable.

[v 1.0.0 ]
Downloads: 8,415

Better Doors Pack Icon
Better Doors

New door textures that featured in Infinity Dungeon

[v 1.0.1 ]
Downloads: 3,539

Wandering Trader: Mr BBQ Pack Icon
Wandering Trader: Mr BBQ

Changes the wandering trader to Mr BBQ from Foxy's videos.

[v 1.0.0 ]
Downloads: 3,507

Chunk Lines [Mobile Only] Pack Icon
Chunk Lines [Mobile Only]

Light Green Lines around Chunk Boundaries to help visualise chunk borders.

[v 1.0.0 ]
Downloads: 41,185

Light Levels 
 [Mobile Only] Pack Icon
Light Levels [Mobile Only]

Highlights any block or surface with a block light level low enough to spawn mobs.

[v 1.2.0 ]
Downloads: 26,665

Fog Remover [Mobile Only] Pack Icon
Fog Remover [Mobile Only]

Reduces amount of Fog in all dimensions.

[v 1.0.0 ]
Downloads: 13,675